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Jun Märkl named chief conductor of the Basque National Orchestra

Ongi etorri, Maestro Märkl

Jun Märkl would be heading the Basque Orchestra for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 seasons

3 november 2014

The noted German conductor Jun Märkl will conduct the new concert programme (5, 6 and 8 November) as the Basque National Orchestra's principal conductor. Coinciding with his return to Euskadi as general manager, Oriol Roch formally announced that Jun Märkl would be heading the Basque orchestra for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 seasons. Jun Märkl's appointment as principal conductor completes the Orchestra's musical leadership, together with Andrey Boreyko, who continues in his role as Principal Guest Conductor.

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The Basque National Orchestra at the Venice Biennale

Ambassador of Basque culture

The Basque National Orchestra at the Venice Biennale

9 october 2014

Renewing its commitment to one of its founding principles, being an ambassador of Basque culture, the Basque National Orchestra is embarking on another tour outside Euskadi. This will be the orchestra's sixteenth tour abroad. This time the destination is the 58th International Festival of Contemporary Music of La Biennale di Venezia. The music festival is the most celebrated in Europe and one of the most relevant contemporary music events internationally. Under the baton of José Ramón Encinar, the BNO will perform works by Basque composers and from the "Tesela" project. Concerts performed on October 9th and 10th.

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Stability, Quality and Future Prospects

Oriol Roch was presented as the new General Manager of the Basque National Orchestra

5 august 2014

These are the three maxims on which Oriol Roch has based his official presentation as the new General Manager of the Basque National Orchestra, at the Orchestra's Miramón venue. Joxean Muñoz, the Basque Government Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, was entrusted with the presentation. The new General Manager was firstly presented before the Orchestra, from whom he received a very warm welcome, and then he gave a press conference before an extensive array of representatives from the media, among which the new appointment has created much expectation.

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