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What is accessibility?

Web accessibility indicates the capability to access the website and its content for the greatest number of people independently of their browsing context or user disabilities. Browsing context refers to the devices, browsers, Internet connection speed, peripheries, configuration of the browser or equipment, environmental conditions, etc. whilst disability refers to visual, hearing, motor or cognitive deficiencies.

Commitment declaration

The website "" is strongly committed to website accessibility and wishes its contents to reach the largest number of users, independently of any disabilities they might suffer. For this purpose, it uses standard technologies established by the W3C and follows WAI 1.0.Accessibility Guidelines. The use of standard websites established by the W3C, such as XHTML 1.0 Transitional for valid semantic marking and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) for design, mean the website can be displayed correctly on different devices and platforms and its content can be printed properly. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems regarding accessibility for this website, please contact us at this email address:

Conformity icons

The Portal website for Orquesta de Euskadi, S.A. meets the following points: In compliance with Level "AA" of the W3C WCAG 1.0.

It declares that it complies with the Accessibility Guidelines for Web 1.0 Content attained Double-A level. The link provides an explanation regarding accessibility levels and use of its icons.

It declares that the 1.0 Strict XHTML language version has been used correctly and its syntax matches the grammar of this language. The link leads to the W3C validator.

It declares that the syntax of the style sheets used is correct. Its link leads to the W3C cascade style sheet validator.

Browsing help

Variable letter size
The page design for this website has used relative units such as the size of the texts. The pages are displayed correctly in any resolution and the user can vary the size of the text if they have this option.

Website map
The user will be able to find an index of the pages on the website through the site map.

Browsing route
The users will always know which section/sub-section they are in by using the browsing route shown at the top of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts
These make browsing easier and provide access to contents using direct access keys. To be able to use these keys, and depending on our operating system, we must use the following key combinations:

Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox: ALT + shortcut key

Versions above Internet Explorer 5: ALT + shortcut key + ENTER

Opera: Caps Lock + Esc (to activate the shortcut keys)

MacOS: CONTROL + shortcut key

These are the shortcut keys that are provided for this website:

  1. 0 - Home page
  2. 1 - Jump to browsing menu
  3. 2 - Jump to contents

Jump to contents:
Users that have text-only browsers or voice browsers (screen readers) can jump directly to the browsing menu and the contents of each page using the "Go to the main menu" and "Go to contents" links which appear at the top of each page in this website or by using access key 1 and access key 2 respectively.

Complex images include the longdesc attribute or an online description which explains the image content in further detail. Given that not all browsers interact correctly with the longdesc label, we have provided direct links to the long descriptions of the images using link [d].

Downloading files:
The different files which can be downloaded from this website have been created as RTF or PDF documents, which are as accessible as possible. Furthermore, summaries of these documents have been included for anyone that cannot read the downloaded files.

Link Types
To help browsing in text-only browsers and screen readers, special links have been enabled. Browsers such as Netscape 6, Opera 7 or the family of browsers based in Mozilla have an auxiliary browsing bar which makes it possible to use these links:

  • index: Link to the home page.
  • contents: Link to the website map.
  • help: Link to the accessibility policy.
  • copyright: Link to the legal policy.
  • up: Go to the top of the contents.
  • start: Go to the start of the set of documents.
  • next: Go to the following document in the set of documents.
  • prev: Return to the previous document in the document collection.