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2017/2018 Season: the New Visual and Thematic Symphony of the Basque National Orchestra

Monday, March 27th 2017

The new musical era led by Robert Treviño: One of the new features of the upcoming season bears the name of Robert Treviño. The new music director comes full of energy, enthusiasm and passion to bring the Basque National Orchestra to the highest level. He will be very much present from the start of the Season and will make each concert and each project a unique event.

The new image as a reflection of the new era: its symbols and its intentions: The image is a symphony of symbols, a metaphorical composition, a melody of seductive images that represent a spectacular, magical, exciting season that is open to a wider audience: our normal spectators as well as new fans; we wish to attract them and it will be our great pleasure to receive them. The image of the new Season was created through the combination of elements, symbols and ideas that, in principle, have nothing to do with each other or with the programme but that, nevertheless, together have a joint significance in the schedule, as well as having some impacting and attractive visual concepts. Each symbol is a question, a hieroglyphic whose solution will be the programme.

With these two new premises, the Basque National Orchestra will pursue its path of being the great cultural-musical asset in the country. It will continue to be a meeting point through its different centres and cities in which it is increasingly present, and it will continue to incorporate alliances with other cultural institutions and exercise an active role in the educational and social sphere.

Bingen Zupiria, Robert Treviño and Oriol Roch