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Basque National Orchestra - Conductors

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Robert Treviño
Music Director

Robert Treviño fits the new director profile and he will continue to contribute to the projection and consolidation of this musical ensemble as a key project in Euskadi. In terms of his career, it should be noted that the american conductor is assuming the role at the Basque National Orchestra as part of his progressive and ascending international career. What was considered an unprecedented success in the difficult and legendary Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow) in December 2013 became for Treviño the start of a growing career as the guest conductor in Europe and Asia. The highest artistic leader of the Basque orchestra will assume his leading role for the 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons.

Previous conductors

The music director is the keystone for the smooth running of a symphony orchestra, as his artistic criteria and guiding skills will forge the personality, the sound of this great musical instrument which the orchestra represents. Since Enrique Jordá took a break from his international career to take up the challenge of creating the Basque National Orchestra, these have been, from the most recent back to Jordá himself, the chief conductors that have guided this craft, mooring it among today's quality parameters.